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All Rights helps you make a lasting difference by focusing on human rights, social sustainability, fair trade, and inclusive communication.

All Rights is owned by me, Emily Turgman Gruian. I live in Lund in the south of Sweden, but gladly work in other regions and countries too, when possible.

I offer:

presentations, workshops, education, advice, and strategy support
on the following topics:

– social and personal sustainability
– inclusive communication
– Fair Trade, Fairtrade City, the Fairtrade certification and other product labels
– sustainable and conscious consumption
… etc.!

communication analysis and support from a human rights and democracy perspective, focusing on:
– text, themes, and images
– presentations, meetings, and speakers

PS! There are English versions of some posts in my blog on personal sustainability, Richer, and on All Rights’ Facebook page. On Facebook, you can also choose to translate the Swedish texts. Do stop by!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Best regards,

Emily Turgman Gruian

e-mail: info@allrights.se
phone: +46 708 26 99 67